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Complete Accounts Payable Document Review Accounts payable records and related documentation represent a unique opportunity to add bottom line dollars to this year's business. There is always a limited number of overpayments created in every business.  It is our expertise and experience that allows us to find and recover these overpayments.  To find these overpayments W&A performs a 100% review of all available information to provide the most complete and thorough audit available.

With almost twenty years of historical data, we know by industry the average level of overpayments generated.  We have identified 40 specific categories of overpayments and where and how these overpayments are created.  We utilized custom programming to create Audit Solutions Software to help sort related purchasing and payables data and report potential overpayments for examination to our experienced Audit Team.

We also provide a thorough and complete Recovery Audit Summary with observations, suggestions, comments and overpayment detail. This Summary is in a form that you can use for analysis, training and evaluation of current purchasing - payables relationships.

Sales and Use Tax Audit When W&A conducts an Accounts Payable Audit, we conduct a Sales and Use Tax Audit at the same time to find overpaid Sales and Use Tax. We can also provide this type of audit separately or in conjunction with another Recovery Audit.

We have the expertise and experience to perform a Reverse Sales and Use Tax Audit and act as advocates for and represent our clients when working with taxing agencies upon request.

Management Consulting W&A specializes in consulting with companies in a period of growth, reorganization, downsizing, or start-up. We also consult and support development of systems, controls and procedures.

IT Services for AP Audit Companies W&A provides IT services to other AP audit companies using a computerized approach for Recovery Audits. This approach uses the proven Audit Solutions II computer application.

Job Opportunities W&A is always looking for qualified personnel to fill positions in auditing, marketing and operations. If you qualify, the opportunity for growth and a good future are yours.


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