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W&A conducts a Sales and Use Tax Audit at the same time it conducts an Accounts Payable Audit.  We can also provide this type of audit separately. When W&A conducts a Sales and Use Tax Audit and a state tax audit is in progress, we act as advocates for and represent our clients when working with taxing agencies.

When Sales and Use Tax Audit Services are provided by W&A, our clients benefit from the recovery of overpayments and / or the reduction of assessments as well as the minimization of future tax costs and audit exposure:
  • The W&A first effort is to gain a comprehensive understanding of our client's existing policies, procedures and business climate - our audit plan is then designed to meet our client's specific situation and needs.
  • Our retrospective review is focused on applicable tax regulations and their application in our client's environment.  The W&A staff visits appropriate manufacturing facilities, where possible, to observe activities prior to starting the on-site review work where the source documents reside.  We provide a complete review of self-assessed tax accruals and payments as well as tax payments made to vendors.  Our review and analysis of past tax practices leads to opportunities to amend past returns and recover overpayments and / or reverse Department of Revenue assessments.
  • As our staff completes the various filings associated with recovery activity, we communicate opportunities for future cost savings. Every audit includes a comprehensive Recovery Audit Summary Report detailing the root causes for the overpayment of every dollar recovered, and Suggestions that will reduce future overpayments and / or increase compliance.
All Weisman & Associates tax audit services are performed on a contingency fee basis. Our clients are invoiced for our contingency fee as recoveries are received, accruals are reversed and/or Department of Revenue assessments are reversed.

When working with clients that have undergone a State Tax Audit, we will evaluate the state’s tax audit results by reviewing the methods, procedures and samples used by the state to validate their claim of underpayments. We will evaluate the samples selected for factual taxable or tax exempt status. Then we will review the sample periods selected to ensure our client receives a fair and accurate extrapolation of taxes due.

W&A personnel are constantly updating their knowledge on taxes. We subscribe to a variety of tax reporting services including CCH to stay abreast of the latest case law and changes in local, state and federal tax regulations and law.

W&A expertise allows our Complete Accounts Payable Document Reviews and Sales and Use Tax Audits to find overpaid taxes in all areas of business. In all cases, each tax overpayment documentation will be accompanied by a copy of the relevant local, state or federal tax regulation for support and future reference.

W&A will assist in recovery of overpaid taxes through deductions or refunds. We will also inform you if you are accruing tax liabilities in observed areas as part of our Recovery Audit.

W&A will perform Reverse Sales and Use Tax Audits on a contingency fee basis when clients have a specific need.

Our Auditors have a minimum of 15 years experience in accounting, auditing and taxation.  Many of our Auditors are CPAs, Accountants or certified Auditors.

Key Benefits

Industry and state specific tax knowledge
Over 16 years of Sales and Use Tax Overpayment Audit experience
Proprietary Audit Solutions SoftwareŽ for download, sort and overpayment identification
Tax advocate assistance when under state tax audit
Tax resource for all 50 states and Canada


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