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<< back Are you paying too much Sales and Use Tax?
Sales And Use Tax Overpayments Are Problems For Most Business.

Who can keep up with the changing tax regulations? We do! Many of our clients have internal tax and audit departments and we still find tax overpayments. We look at 100% of the paid invoices and compare them to goods and services purchased, use of goods and services and then we compare that information to federal and state tax-related regulations by industry. We also keep track of current tax case resolution.

W&A saved one client over one million dollars ($1,000,000) in state Sales and Use Tax claims during a state tax audit. We were hired as consultants to research and dispute the underpayments claimed by the state and at the same time to find overpayments to offset any underpayments. Through our overpayment of tax findings and underpayment challenges we changed a $1.125 million-dollar tax claim into a seventy thousand dollar tax refund.

A Resource With Experience

Our Auditors have a minimum of 15 years experience in accounting, auditing and taxation. Many of our Tax Auditors and Recovery Audit Specialists are CPAs, Accountants or certified Auditors.

Reverse Sales And Use Tax Audit

When W&A conducts an Accounts Payable Audit, we conduct a Sales and Use Tax Overpayment Audit at the same time. We can also perform a Reverse Sales and Use Tax Audit independent of any other service.

Post State Audit Review Services

While the state tax auditors are on-site or after they leave and prior to signing off on the audit results, W&A will send in a team of Sales and Use Tax Specialists to evaluate all underpayments claimed by the state.

W&A can work on a consulting basis to evaluate and challenge the underpayment claims or do a combination Post State Audit Review and then a comprehensive Sales and Use Tax Overpayment Audit for the same period if within state tax overpayment audit statutes. We act as advocates for and represent our clients when working with taxing agencies.

Sales And Use Tax Seminars

W&A also performs Sales and Use Tax Seminars with CPE credits in many states. You can call us for details.

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