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Accounts Payable Document Review

W&A will perform an Accounts Payable Document Review. First a certified Audit Team Leader will review available documentation, systems, controls, policies and procedures to develop an audit plan. We then assemble a team with the best qualifications for your industry and business.

W&A will review 100% of your accounts payables and related documentation for the period we are examining (closed business years). A Sales and Use Tax Overpayment Audit is normally included as part of our Accounts Payable Document Review. W&A personnel are non-intrusive. We do the work and will schedule brief weekly meetings to give you progress reports. We will also call to your attention anything that we feel needs immediate action. All overpayment recoveries go directly to you, our client.

W&A has the ability to download your purchasing and payables detail on proprietary software to identify potential overpayments. We then sort, compare and formulate overpayments and overpayment opportunities comparing industry and vendor databases to maximize overpayment identification and recovery.  We have 40 different categories of overpayments specifically targeted for examination.

The W&A 5-Step Process for discovery and recovery of overpayments is a proven recovery auditing method that assures maximum identification and recovery of overpayments while at the same time assuring minimal disruption to current accounting activities.

1 - Analyze / Find
2 - Document
3 - Verify
4 - Recover
5 - Report

W&A will provide a Recovery Audit Summary that includes written observations, suggestions and comments from the Audit Team. We will also provide a detailed analysis of each overpayment by category and vendor. In addition we provide a statistical breakdown of payables examined and accuracy rates.

Overpayment recoveries make a direct contribution to your bottom line. This service is performed on closed business years. We will find and recover overpayments that will add to this year's net profit. Best of all, we perform this service only on a contingency basis, in other words, we only share in overpayments that are actually recovered.

Key Benefits

Industry specific knowledge and experienced auditors
100% review of all payables and related documentation
Non-intrusive and complete Accounts Payable Document Review
Proprietary Audit Solutions® software for download, sort and overpayment identification
Combined automated and manual audit
Regularly scheduled communications to report status and results
Guaranteed confidentiality
Detailed Recovery Audit Summary Report
Detailed Analysis of Overpayments
Contingency basis - W&A only shares in overpayments actually recovered


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