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Audit Solutions II™

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Is the data compatible with Excel?

Q:  Do I need the internet to operate in the field?

Q:  What about printing if I don’t have access to a printer?

Q:  Any further computer requirements?

Q:  How many computers am I allowed to install the application on?

Q:  What about installation support?

Q:  What about operational questions?

Q:  I’ve read that Office 2003 is not compatible with Windows 8/8.1. Is that a problem?

Q:  What about Windows 8/8.1?

Is the data compatible with Excel?
All data grids - virtually everything - are exportable to Excel. Highlight the data records of interest and press the Excel button on the grid menu bar. Excel will open with a new spreadsheet appearing with that data. It is compatible with any version of Excel from 2003 onward. That being said, there is virtually nothing available in Excel that cannot be accomplished in the access application. Some people just have more experience and confidence in doing some things like mail merge in Excel. There’s no conflict. You must own your own copy of Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013. We have not tested it with Office 365.

Do I need the internet to operate in the field?
No, you need the Internet for the initial download of the application. Once installed, everything is stand alone. On the initial installation – the very first time on a given PC – the Access Runtime application must be installed as well. That’s a separate download and installation. That Runtime can be left on the PC for the next client job.

What about printing if I don’t have access to a printer?
Print to PDF, and keep the PDF file until you get to a printer. The application does not include a PDF printer; you’ll have to install one yourself if you don’t have one. We recommend the free version of Foxit PDF Reader Printer at http://www.foxitsoftware.com/.

Any further computer requirements?
Your Windows computer must be completely up to date. Go to Windows Update and make sure. Windows 7 must have Service Pack 1 installed and perhaps 150 updates beyond that. Windows XP is nearing the end of its useful life and will not be updated beyond April 8, 2014. If you have a computer with only 2GB memory, you will not be happy with the length of time it takes to accomplish anything. A mid-range dual-core 4GB notebook computer will run this application quite well. Disk space requirement is minimal, but there is no point in not uninstalling after you’re done with it.

How is the application download to my PC accomplished?
We provide a website URL to be pasted into your browser. Two underlined files will appear. A single click on each will initiate an immediate download in the browser to your Downloads folder. One will be the Access Runtime – that should be installed first, then the application. An icon will appear on your desktop to run the application. The application will ask for a password each time. That password will be supplied with the installation document.

How many computers am I allowed to install the application on?
We realize that you may have a home computer that you may want the application on; or auditors sometimes work in partnerships. There is no built-in restriction on the number of computers that it can be installed on. However, you are restricted to computers owned by your organization. It is not to be installed on a client computer, or any other computer. It cannot be shown to any outside interest. You would be in violation of our use agreement, and we take this very seriously.

What about installation support?
We pretty much think we’ve seen it all. Email or give us a call at the support number and hours. As long as your installation environment meets the requirements, success is assured. The support people are the authors of the software.

What about operational questions?
We are very experienced using the application. The support people are the authors of the software. We also are of the opinion that if you have formulated a question; the application is capable of satisfying your requirement and just has not yet surfaced as a solution. Our phone support is billed at our standard rate.

I’ve read that Office 2003 is not compatible with Windows 8/8.1. Is that a problem?
It’s not a problem. We use the Access Runtime 2003. It will run the application flawlessly in Windows 8 or 8.1. We’ve tested it thoroughly. We believe the statement is that Office 2003 is not compatible, and that may be so, but we’re confident that our application will run very well. But our actual field experience with Windows 8/8.1 is very limited. In the unlikely situation that something is broken, it will not be catastrophic and you can continue. We have the capability to investigate and fix it.

What about Windows 8/8.1?
We do not believe that Windows 8 and 8.1 are suitable environments for business use. This is reflected in the marketplace. Windows 7 is still offered on virtually all business computers, and the entire business industry is currently upgrading from XP to Windows 7. We recognize that auditors’ notebook computers may be personally owned and probably bought at Best Buy or Staples. Where we certainly do not recommend that, it’s going to happen and for that reason we have thoroughly tested the application. We offer consulting services for either “downgrading” your computer to Windows 7, or a problem mitigation solution where we restore a Start Menu system and minimize the use of “tile world”. Please contact us for an estimate. We can also supply fully configured computers which eliminates two-way shipping. We are qualified Comptia A-1 certified and also a “Microsoft Business Partner.”


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