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Audit Solutions II™

Leading-Edge Accounts Payable Recovery Audit Software


Procure-to-Pay, Analytics, Vendor Analysis, Reporting

Streamline Costs, Maximize Income and Increase Client Benefits

Let our IT Department become your IT Department


Audit Solutions II™ is an Access-based, proprietary software application specifically designed for Accounts Payable Recovery Audits and related leading-edge analytics, procure-to-pay, vendor analysis, scrubbing and reporting.  Benefit from our research, development and success.

Weisman & Associates developed the original application in 1995 utilizing data selection, variable search criteria, sorting and reporting to benefit the Recovery Audit process and success.  W&A upgraded and improved this application in 2005 and has performed more than 200 successful audits utilizing this Access-based software application. It has been continuously updated, upgraded and improved using feedback and suggestions from our Audit Teams across all industries since origination.

All Invoices, sorted by Vendor Name, Vendor Invoice Number

The complete AP data is presented in spreadsheet-like data grids, with full search, sorting, grouping, selection and reporting. There are four interrelated data types: Invoice, Vendor, Checks and Account Distribution. Several Summary Reports are built in, as are six Duplicates Reports.

See Real Time Examples:

Vendor Summary

Duplicates Report

Mail Merge List

Anomalies Report

Invoices by Vendor

Ad Hoc Reports

How It Works

Weisman and Associates allows you to use a single application along with your client data loaded into the database. It is made available to you as a download from a website, along with installation instructions for your Windows computer. When your on-site recovery audit is complete, you may simply uninstall the application.
For purposes of building the application, Weisman and Associates becomes your IT department. Normally we obtain your client contact information, transmit the complete data requirements documentation, then negotiate the final data submission and handle any resend required. You may handle any of this process yourself that you care to. With data records of less than one million invoices, we usually need two weeks between receipt of final data and the application release.
Weisman and Associates reformats the data, screens it for usability and runs several internal computer processes for final validation. Every application is thoroughly tested before it is released.
Support personnel are available for instructional time with field auditors. Special data analysis, reporting or advanced selection criteria is commonly available. We have extensive experience providing this type of support. The time is billed at our standard rate. Normal communications are by email, and a one-day completion of the request is usual. Telephone support is generally 10 AM - 6 PM Eastern and 6 PM - 9 PM Pacific weekdays.


You may request any programming customization. Specialized reports or unusual sorts that the application will not handle natively or adding additional data fields are all possible. In general, you pay for customization on an hourly basis. We are adept at estimating our time.

Computer Requirements

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 with versions Home, Home Premium, Pro or Ultimate. The application has been successfully used on Windows 8 and is known to be fully functional, but we have very little field experience. For a small fee to cover costs, a version can be created to run in Windows XP Service Pack 3. The fee for Vista Service Pack 1 is significantly higher. Estimated cost: $600.
Any Windows PC that runs Windows well will run this application well. A weak computer (not recommended) just takes longer.
A special version is available that uses a powerful database server as the data handler. This is recommended for extremely large clients – on the scale of an entire U.S. state’s AP for several years. We recommend a powerful quad-core computer notebook computer with 8G memory.
We provide consulting services for configuring or supplying suitable notebook computers.
Microsoft Access is not required. An Access runtime application is supplied in the installation. It will coexist with other versions of Access.

Data Download Requirements

Time frame of Recovery Audit
Number of Invoices included
Total Dollars in Payables for Audit Period
Size of Data to be Transmitted
Data Download Instructions will be provided to expedite Client IT release of data

Security Concerns

The download website is password protected and is available for a limited time. After that time, it can be renewed with a support call.
The application itself requires a password that must be entered on each opening of the application.
There is an expiration date beyond which the application becomes non-functional. This date should be negotiated beforehand and should be well understood. In the event that the data must be revisited later, Weisman and Associates can easily replace it with a functioning copy.

Billing / Rate

We work on an hourly basis at $125/hour.
Initial payment is approximately half the estimated cost and necessary to start the process.
Total Dollars in Payables for Audit Period
Final billing is presented on the application release date by email attachment. The application is released upon the completion of payment until a working relationship is developed.

Frequently Asked Questions


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